The Decline

by Of Temples

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Richard Great technical work, phenomenal breakdowns. It just delivers, it just do!! Favorite track: Frameworks.
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Track listing

What the Future Holds:
1- Survive
2- Circles
3- Frameworks

What We've Become:
4- Subterfuge
5- One-Fourteen

How We Cope:
6- The Decline (part 1)
7- The Decline (part 2)


released March 2, 2014

Written and performed by Of Temples.
Produced by Antoine Lussier and Of Temples.
Arrangements and additional music by Antoine Lussier.
Engineered by Yanic Desgroseillers and Antoine Lussier.
Mixed by Antoine Lussier.
Mastering by Yanic Desgroseillers.
At .357 Productions.
Recorded at Dead Moose Studio
Artwork and Layout by Joshua Andrew Belanger.



all rights reserved


Of Temples Montreal, Québec

Of Temples was formed in 2011 and hails from Montreal, Qc Canada. Creating their own unique sound by mixing together their various influences that range from hardcore to progressive, they deliver powerful, relentless and intricate songs. The contagious energy and passion their live performances carry also add a whole other dimension to their music. RIP 2015 ... more

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Track Name: Survive
We can’t escape, wasted so much time now it’s too late.
We can’t escape, came here together now we share this fate.
The systems put in place to supposedly keep us safe have failed.
By the time people figured out, the institutions were just a lie, it was already passed the point of revolution. Chaos ensued. Suddenly it was everyone for themselves.
This is beyond any way of correcting the errors, from now on we all live in terror.
Civilisation is crumbling, cracking from the pressure. When it’s dog eat dog, everyone for themselves, we are all the aggressor.
If hell was ever to be a real place, this planet is where it finally showed its face.
Apocalyptic scenery as far as the eyes can see. Life is dissipating, soon there will be nothing left.
No more air to breathe, no more food to digest.
Long past the point of solidarity, we are alone. We lost our chance, this world cannot be revived. Until the day we die, the only thing left to do is survive.
Track Name: Circles
I guess it’s true what they say, most people are selfish and want it their way. I guess it’s true what they say, you come first at the end of the day.
We have to look out for ourselves in this cold world. But that doesn’t mean you turn your back on the globe.
I look out for myself most of the time, but I can still help those who’ve fallen behind. I look out for myself, but I still help, I still help.
One day you will be the one In need, and the ones you’ve ignored, will leave you to bleed. One day you will be the one in need.
You’ll get what you give, I feel sorry for you that’s no way to live. You’ll get what you give, in the end you’ll get shit.
Isn’t it funny how life travels in circles, well isn’t it funny how life travels in circles.
You can’t run away.
You have no empathy so you will get no sympathy. You have no empathy so you will get zero sympathy.
What goes around, comes around. Isn’t it funny how life travels in circles.
Life travels in circles.
Track Name: Frameworks
This anger fills my lungs, gets hard to breathe.
But I’m not distraught, I know it’s what I need.
It has opened my eyes to everything.
I know, you don’t believe.
If only you could see what I see.
This anger I’ve built up has turned into hate, it’s been pushed to the point where I can create a worldview and a lens in that which I see this iniquitous world is full of fallacies.
This planet is crawling, with liars and cheats. This planet carries the scent of deceit.
This world has been created, to appease the masses. What was once my vice, is now my favorite asset.
This world is sugar coated, and creates a weakness. I will never succumb to the sweetness.
Track Name: Subterfuge
Back up, this is not a good choice. Back up, don’t do this. Stand up, do what’s right, end this and leave tonight. Stop and think of the past, back up, this won’t last.
How could I be so naïve, people like you always leave.
Back up.
I try to let you in for just, but I will always be cautious. Trying to change the outcome is a waste of time.
Baby you’re so sweet, too bad my heart is concrete.
My heart has turned to stone, you keep on knocking but nobody’s home. Go ahead leave me alone, I’ve left and I’m never coming home. Leave me alone.
Fuck you.
Thank you.
My mind is all messed up what have you done, I fell for you, I fell for your illusion. I fell for you, I fell for your illusion.
I know the truth, I know all about you.
This is all a game to you, frankly my dear I am through.
You captured my attention, but I’m letting go of any retention.
Track Name: One-Fourteen
This has been a betrayal. To be a good friend, you have failed. Been let down before by your actions but I gave you a chance at redemption. Confided in you information used it for yourself for your own recreation.
You will live in misery for your treachery. Trust is something that you treasure, but you threw it away.
You’ve awoken a sleeping giant, if I were you, I’d stay silent.
You should know that I’m aware. You should go, and best beware. Once they hear the truth you will get no vindication.
If this is how you compose yourself in front of my face, I can only imagine when I turn away. So keep up your false front as you fool them all, and in the end they will see your true colours, and you will fall. You will fall.
When you fall, the drop will bring you pain, no more using others for your selfish gain. Trust is a virtue you treasure. If the good die young you will live forever. I hope you live forever.
Don’t you dare undermine me, I will decimate your façade that you claim to be real. You are dirt, you are filth.
How did you think this would be disregarded? My eyes are always open. And did you think that you wouldn’t be punished, you’re a fake and I’ve noticed.
You’re a fake.
Your time is up, and it feels great.
Track Name: The Decline (part 1)
I have witnessed a decline on so many levels.
Macro and micro it’s spreading to all the sectors of life.
It would be a fucking lie, if I said that it didn’t transgress to mine.
As I get older, I notice the world growing colder.
The ammunition keeps augmenting, soon I’ll load the equalizer.
The world and its inhabitants are becoming soulless and damned. Everywhere I go I am forced to sit when all I wish is to stand.
This road has been constructed at the hands of abhorrent figures. I am but a vehicle on this drive that we call existence.
Now, the tank is on empty, the road is deteriorating, the traffic is reckless, I can’t be quiet I am restless. We are restless.
My intolerance of my surroundings drives me to the deepest of depths. Our disdain is shared, pushed to a point that we can no longer share. Our contempt should unify us to contest, yet I remain cold just like the rest.
It’s ridiculous that the reason we all feel detained, the underlying source of our anger and our pain. The cause of bigotry, addiction and altercation, is shared by most of the population. Rather than band together and change our state of mind, we don’t change a fucking thing. This is a decline.
The road is winding down, is death my only fate. I need a change. I need something to alter my state.
Track Name: The Decline (part 2)
When darkness has fallen, will the voices be silent.
This monster grabs hold of me, taking over as pilot.
Consume the poison, drink it down.
Here I am lost, nowhere to be found.
Unleashing the wicked, the harmful, the vicious.
Unleashing the reckless, inconsiderate, fictitious.
This world makes me something I hate, I never learn. All my bridges are in flames or have already burned.
We all have our ways, in which we mask the pain. Feels better for a bit but never goes away.
The way the world works makes me feel insane.
I’m trying to define the line between having a good time and losing sight of what is right.
What is right, it just feels right.
Here we go again, the sun is going down.
Time to terrorize everyone in town.
No holding back, disrespectful in every sense.
I become what I hate, seems like the only defense.
Taking something to feel alive, when the world makes you feel dead inside.
Dead, dead inside.